Tune Seidelin

Who Else Wants Me to Turn the "Hidden Assets" and Overlooked Opportunities (in Their Business...) into Windfall Profits and New Recurring Revenue Streams?

tune seidelin

Maybe you think I’m crazy…

But I bet there are "hidden assets" and overlooked opportunities inside your business even though I don’t know a thing about it yet.

And I’ll be happy to show you where they are and how to turn them into windfall profits and new recurring revenue streams.

But let me first tell you why I’m so confident that you are sitting on "hidden profits".

I take businesses to the next level.

And I have yet to find a business that I couldn’t make more profitable.

Obviously yours could be the first…

But I doubt it.

And when you think about it…

The business and profits you have today were created out of thin air at some point.

And unless (1) you are a marketing/business genius, (2) you have more capital than you need, (3) you have all the time in the world to work on your business (and not just in it) and (3) you have systems in place for constant improvement.

Then I think you know in your heart of hearts that there are things in your business that could be improved.

Am I right?

Of course I am.

And then you should also realize that…

You Are Leaving Money on the Table

Because these “hidden profits” could (and should) end in your bank account instead of being wasted and lost forever.

And it’s not necessarily small opportunities you are sitting on.

I was working with a business owner (who owns a web development firm) and the first few things we did, added a little extra profit here and there.

But one simple change to how he offered his ongoing maintenance service more than doubled his revenue per customer – just imagine the effect that would have on your business!

And it’s not just about the money.

Improving your business usually also leads to more freedom, opportunities, impact and success.

And right now I've set aside some time to help business owners find the "hidden assets" and overlooked opportunities they are sitting on.

So if you would like me to take a look at your business and tell you exactly where your greatest opportunities are and how to take advantage of them – now’s your chance.

And best of all...

It Isn’t Going to Cost You a Thing


I'm doing this to find businesses I can take to the next level.

And because I only can work personally with at small handful of businesses at a time, I only take on new clients when I have the capacity and I'm 100% certain that we can knock it out of the park together.

Plus this way I get to show you exactly how working together will put much more money in your pocket than my fees - before you even consider working with me.

If that sounds fair to you, then schedule a free consultation at the bottom of this page and we’ll find a time to talk on Skype (or the phone).

During that confidential conversation, I’ll ask you a bunch of questions (so I can get to know your business and uncover the "hidden assets" and overlooked opportunities inside it).

Then I’ll help you identify the opportunity that offers the greatest upside and requires the least amount of time, energy and capital to implement.

And last but not least I’ll tell you exactly what you have to do to take advantage of the opportunity, maximize the results and minimize or completely eliminate the risk.

That usually takes between 45 and 90 minutes.

And afterwards one of two things happens.

You either take my ideas and run with them on your own (because you don't want my help, your business and the opportunities are too small to justify getting my help or I don't have the capacity to take you on right now).

Or we end up working together (making your business more profitable while having a lot of fun in the process).

Either way you and your business will come out ahead.


This Is Not for Everybody

Because I have very limited capacity and demand bottom line results from every single client I work with, I have to be very picky about the businesses I take on.

So I’ve developed a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that must be met in order for us to proceed.

Here they are:

1. Your business is already established and successful.

I don't do startups.

So your business must already have a flow of paying customers.

2. Your product(s) and/or service(s) are high quality.

This should go without saying.

But I only work with businesses that deliver real value to their customers/clients.

3. You are a positive person that gets shit done.

I only work with people I like (and I don't like negative people).

And even though I'll do most of the heavy lifting, you have to be able to follow instructions and implement for this to work for both of us.

But that’s it.

If you and your business live up to these criteria I’d be happy to show you how to turn the "hidden assets" and overlooked opportunities in your business into windfall profits and new recurring revenue stream for free.

Just click the button to get started and schedule your free consultation: