Tune Seidelin

About Tune Seidelin

tune seidelin

I started my first business in 2007.

And despite being clueless about sales and marketing back then, I managed to grow it​ consistently and eventually sell it.

​Since then I have bought, grown and sold several other businesses.

And now I help other people grow their businesses and profits.

(Find out how in my free report about "how to double your profits every two years and get more time off").

​Before getting into business, I was a very successful professional poker player (my first business helped others poker players improve their game).

And before that I ​was an elite level orienteering runner (it's a sport).

Between businesses I have also found the time to build my own straw bale house on the danish island Bornholm (and that's where I now live with my wonderful girlfriend).​

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